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Celia Siegel Management Holiday Radio Theatre

CSM Holiday Radio Theatre

One of the best decisions I have made so far in my voice over career is working with Celia Siegel Management. Celia and her team helped me with this website, with my branding, creating a plan for my career and so much more! Being on their management roster has brought me job opportunities I never would have expected or even known to dream of.

Working in a booth primarily alone can sometimes be…well, lonely.  Especially for a person like me who gets my tank filled through interaction and collaboration. The roster at CSM is loaded with incredibly talented actors who are out there crushing every genre of VO. I asked these fabulous people if anyone would be interested in putting together a bit of radio theatre for the holidays and a bunch of folks were willing to jump in! read more…

Holiday Countdown with Printable

I love my job as a voice actor. I love it so much that I don’t mind working full-time while the kids play and explore the world. Except during December.  In December I get a bit fussy about missing out on all the magical energy that comes from holiday fun with the kids. 

One of our holiday traditions that we have been doing for years now, makes it easier to get a little dose of the Christmas fun everyday. It keeps me from feeling quite so left out and the kids love it more than anything else we do (except maybe for Santa). It’s out countdown to Christmas (advent calendar). read more…

Tour Our Tiny Home Bus

Welcome to our tiny house bus! Shortly after we moved into our skoolie we made this video to show folks around and explain some of what we have on our bus and why. If you have any questions about the build of our bus or what it’s like to live in 200 square feet with five people let me know.  I love talking about it! read more…

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