Storyteller. Actor. Play Enthusiast

You need your message to
hit the heart of your listener

so they purchase, vote, listen, apply, feel all the feels.

When the voice carrying your story believes in your message

it will reach your audience in a whole new way

heart to heart

Here’s my heart in some recent work

real words I recorded for real clients

ShelfGenie Commercial
California Avocados
Doctors Without Borders
ShelfGenie Commercial
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California Avocados
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Doctors Without Borders
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“I absolutely loved producing you! If you pulled this off in a self directed session, I can’t imagine what you are capable of when directed. You literally brought this script to life!”


Specs & Services

Broadcast Quality Studio

Microphone: Sennheiser 416
Interface: Universal Apollo Solo
Connectivity for Directed Sessions:
SourceConnect, SessionLink Pro, Zoom, Meet, Teams

Professional Travel Rig
Super Speedy Turnaround Times

I love to collaborate
Let me know what you need
and I will do my best to make it happen

National Association of Voice Actors | NAVA | Logo

Award Winning Voice Actor

Pollie Award Winner
One Voice Awards Nominee 2023 Voice Arts Awards Winner
The Communicator Awards Voice Arts Awards Winner
2024 Reed Awards Finalist - Voice Over Voice Actor+

Leading with my heart in all things including voice over.

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Vocal Styles

The vocal qualities and tones I get booked for the most.

upbeat, friendly, conversational

inspiring, adventurous

cool, textured, natural

welcoming, warm, authentic