Taking your story
where you want it to go.

Taking your story where you want it to go.

What if the narration in
your project actually
sounded like…
you hear it in your head?

And what if the process was so smooth and fun it actually brought you joy?

Bringing in a voice actor at the end of a project to breath life into something on which you have worked tirelessly, doesn’t always go as you planned.

But it can.

If you have an actor who can really listen, hear you, and literally take to heart – your heart and give it back to you in audio.

Here’s my heart in some recent work

as in…real words I recorded for real clients

Murray’s Cheese Commercial
Doctors Without Borders
Western North Carolina – Mother Earth
Murray’s Cheese Commercial
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Doctors Without Borders
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Western North Carolina – Mother Earth
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“I absolutely loved producing you! I really hope that we can work together again in the future. If you pulled this off in a self directed session, I can’t imagine what you are capable of when directed. You literally brought this script to life!”


Specs & Services

Broadcast Quality Studio

Microphone: Sennheiser 416
Interface: Universal Apollo Solo
Connectivity for Directed Sessions:
SourceConnect, SessionLink Pro, Zoom, Meet, Teams

Professional Travel Rig
Super Speedy Turnaround Times

I love to collaborate
Let me know what you need and I will do my best to make it happen

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Award Winning Voice Actor Voice Arts Awards Winner
One Voice Awards Nominee 2023 Voice Arts Awards Winner
The Communicator Awards
Anne Cloud Sweet Gypsy Voiceover

Mom, voice actor, play enthusiast, soloprenuer – every day is an adventure. That’s how I like it.

As a full-time voice actor I have the joy of taking the letters on a page and breathing life into them. Storytelling. It’s magic and it lights my heart on fire each time. So is it work really? I suppose – in the way a witch’s work is making potions and doing spells.

Every time we work together,  1% of the rate goes to an environment partner!

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1% for the Planet Member Logo
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Vocal Styles

The vocal qualities and tones I get booked for the most.

upbeat, friendly, conversational

inspiring, adventurous

cool, textured, natural

welcoming, warm, authentic

What what?!?
Your kids do voice over too!?
Yeah they do.

I mean cool right? Fun little fairy sprites in the booth bringing all the joy and magic without trying.
They’re good too.

Cloud Kids | Kids Voices | Kids Voiceover

“Anne is phenomenal. I fell in love with her voice and the way she told the story for this company. Her enunciation, the subtle joy & passion in her voice, her overall quality and professionalism. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Alanah L
North Carolina, US