Anne Cloud’s kids go where she goes, and that includes the voice over booth.

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Elliott: America Red Cross
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Authentic Kid Voice: Elliott Cloud for State Sentator Political Ad
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Skip a Week: Family Voice-Over Adventure with Anne, Elliott & Hattie Cloud
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You need a real child voice over

for your commercial, political ad, educational video, or video game – it can be challenging to find!

Kids are busy today! Getting them in the booth at a time that works for the client can be a hassle. And what happens when you get them there? Will they be energized and ready to do 20 takes of one line?!

Mine will!

Elliott, Hattie, and Juniper have quickly become pros in the booth – they all love directed sessions and have a ton of flexibility during the week to record.

Bringing creativity, fun,  personality to your script!


At just 11 years old, Elliott has already made a remarkable mark in the world of voice acting. Elliott has swiftly become known for his exceptional ability to follow direction and deliver precisely what a script needs. Going beyond the words in the script; Elliott shines with his knack for improvisation, adding a unique flair to every project. In session Elliott is frequently given props for the “extra goodness” he brings to the script, his fun and easy-going nature, and his professionalism in the booth.

Elliott’s versatility has led him to work on a diverse range of projects, including non-profit campaigns, commercials, political ads, and even video games. But his talents aren’t confined to voice acting alone! Oh no, Elliott is a passionate and incredibly skilled musician. With eclectic musical tastes, he not only plays the electric guitar, piano, and mandolin but has also embarked on the creative journey of writing his own songs. If you can’t tell, Elliott’s mom (me!) is very proud of him.


Hattie, a vibrant and talented 8-year-old, is swiftly carving her niche in the voice acting world. Her journey began at the age of six, and in just two years, she has shown a remarkable blend of maturity and joy to the booth. Hattie brings an infectious playfulness to her voice acting and has a natural ability to understand and interpret direction with minimal guidance. Often, she adds her own creative flair to a role, delivering performances that exceed all expectations.

Beyond the world of voice acting, Hattie is a fashion enthusiast, embracing her unique sense of style with confidence and flair. She confidently thrifts clothing, creating outfits that make her shine. She radiates sunshine and light – a gift to the world.. Hattie is not just a voice actor; she’s a young trendsetter and a unique personality, destined to make a lasting impression in both the creative arts and the world at large. She makes her mom (again, me!) so grateful everyday – there is never a cloudy day when Hattie is around.


Juniper is a new yet compelling presence in the world of voiceover. At six years old, her voice is distinctively unique, often described in ways that only hint at its special quality. Whether it’s likened to an old soul (read: Jewish grandma – that’s what her teachers say) or something more whimsical (read: adorable baby troll), these descriptions barely scratch the surface of Juniper’s extraordinary vocal print.

Juniper’s voice is more than just unique; it’s a reflection of her vibrant personality and beautiful heart. She embodies a kind of tender exuberance and authenticity that shines through in every word she speaks, in the booth and outside of it. Despite her young age, Juniper approaches voiceover (and all things) with a dedication to perfection, working tirelessly to get every nuance just right. With her inimitable voice and heartfelt approach, Juniper brings stories to life in her own unparalleled way. There’s no doubt that Juniper will leave a memorable imprint on the voice acting world with her unique talents, as she has left her imprint on the heart of her mom (still me) and the world at large.