Anne Cloud’s kids go where she goes, and that includes the voice over booth.


Elliott started talking early and hasn’t stopped since. A 8-year-old with the vocabulary of a college professor, he is able to manage tricky scripts. An avid audiobook listener and lover of all things magic, he taps into his wild imagination when he’s in the voice over booth. He is willing to work hard to get a job done right and doesn’t tire or get bored when many takes are required. In other words, this kid has drive and he’s definitely going places.


Not one to be left out, Hattie jumped at the chance to record as soon as she was able. With a vocal style that is soft and gentle, she has incredible instincts and can give a variety of takes without coaching. She takes direction easily and loves when there are visuals to go along with the script so she can fully immerse herself in the read. An artist at heart, Hattie is a free spirit who will uplift you and her sweet voice will wrap you around her finger.


Juniper is the queen of the wild things. Maybe it’s our nomad lifestyle, but she’s been called feral more than once. Given the choice, she would never wear clothes or shoes and would always eat with her hands. Her alto voice is surprisingly low and husky with a bit of grit. For being such a gremlin outside the booth, she is surprisingly tame and directable on mic. Most of the time.