You need a voice – a voice that resonates, persuades, and speaks to the heart of the voter about your mission.

And you need it fast.

With multiple takes to choose from.
Fitting into a 15 second spot with two sound effects and an audio clip of the last debate.

Hear My Voice, Amplifying Campaign Missions

in these examples of my recent work

League of Conservation Voters
Americans For Contraception
Michigan Prop 2
House Majority PAC
JD Vance Attack Ad
Negative Michelle Steel
Right to Contraception Act
Call Gov Lombardo
League of Conservation Voters
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Americans For Contraception
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Michigan Prop 2
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House Majority PAC
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JD Vance Attack Ad
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Negative Michelle Steel
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Right to Contraception Act
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Call Gov Lombardo
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Specs & Services

Broadcast Quality Studio

Microphone: Sennheiser 416
Interface: Universal Apollo Solo
Connectivity for Directed Sessions:
SourceConnect, SessionLink Pro, Zoom, Meet, Teams

Professional Travel Rig
Political campaigns are a 24/7 kind of deal,
and deadlines don’t wait.
I get it.
I provide impactful Democratic campaign spots within an hour. Day or Night, Holiday or Weekend.

One Voice Awards Nominee 2023
Anne Cloud Voice Over for Mastercard
Anne Cloud Voice Over for Common Sense Media
Anne Cloud Voice Over for the CDC
Anne Cloud Voice Over for Disney
Anne Cloud Voice Over for The Met
Anne Cloud Voice Over for Mastercard
Anne Cloud Sweet Gypsy Voiceover

Ice Cream  after going door to door for Hillary

Participating in politics is thrilling. Whether it’s helping people register to vote outside of Target, knocking on doors to make sure people have mailed in their ballots, or voicing ads for political campaigns.

Doing political voice over work caught me off guard when I started. There is an intensity to it that I absolutely love – both in the actual voice work and also in the full speed ahead, no time for bullshit, environment of the industry. It’s a very exciting adventure and I love to play on this playground.

Vocal Styles

Millennial to Middle-Aged, here are the vocal qualities and tones I get booked for the most.

Points of View

Suburban Woman
Enthusiastic Voter
Playground Mom
Voice of Authority
Women’s Rights Advocate
Concerned Environmentalist



What what?!?
Your kids do political voice over too!?
Yeah they do.

I mean cool right? Fun little fairy sprites in the booth bringing all the passion and magic without trying. They’re good too. At 6, 8, and 10 they’ve got you covered for kiddos and we happen to know some pretty cool teens if you are looking for one of those too.

Anne Cloud Kid Voiceover

Women’s March 2017

“Anne is phenomenal. I fell in love with her voice and the way she told the story for this company. Her enunciation, the subtle joy & passion in her voice, her overall quality and professionalism. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Alanah L
North Carolina, US