Your station deserves a

not just a voice.

After all, a station without its own distinctive identity is just… static. 

Hear My Voice, making stations unique

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AAA Radio Imaging | Distinctive Chill Vibes
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Alt Rock Radio Imaging
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AAA Radio Imaging | Distinctive Chill Vibes
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Country Radio Imaging
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Anne Cloud Voice Over for Mastercard
Anne Cloud Voice Over for Common Sense Media

“You are a gift to all things audio Miss Cloud.”
– Zach G, Producer

Specs & Services

Broadcast Quality Studio

Microphone: Sennheiser 416
Interface: Universal Apollo Solo
Connectivity for Directed Sessions:
SourceConnect, SessionLink Pro, Zoom, Meet, Teams

Professional Travel Rig
Radio Imaging is a 24/7 kind of deal,
and deadlines don’t wait.
I get it.
I provide impactful voiceover spots within an hour. Day or Night, Holiday or Weekend.

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Available for Cash or Barter Through

One Voice Awards Nominee 2023

Radio is dynamic.

 That’s the thrill of it, right? The rapid beats, the swift transitions, the adrenaline of keeping your listeners glued, craving the next hit! I thrive on that pace.

You have a vision for sound. You’ve got a pulse on your listeners. You know the heart of your station.

And me? I love to play – to have a script come alive with characters, ad-libs, and improv. A BFA in theatre and training at Second City taught me versatility. So whether you need a rock goddess, a bubbly best friend, or an edgy antagonist, I’m here to dial it in.