Welcome to our tiny house bus! Shortly after we moved into our skoolie we made this video to show folks around and explain some of what we have on our bus and why. If you have any questions about the build of our bus or what it’s like to live in 200 square feet with five people let me know.  I love talking about it!

We are a bit more settled now that we have bought a farm in the mountains of North Carolina near Asheville but we are still primarily living in the bus. We have a house (used mostly for taking baths, doing laundry, and watching movies) and sheep, and my voice over studio is hardwired for internet now. However, I still cook in our tiny kitchen and we sleep in the bus. The house is lovely but the bus in our home.

From the top…(this is the transcript of the video).

We have our stairs. we ended up re-framing those and kind of reworking them. We found we got a lot of noise and a lot of cold coming through them so we used up the last of our flooring to try to clean them up a bit.

This is our shoe cabinet – an afterthought of the shoe cabinet was a little ventilation. We found when we were in Florida in February that this cabinet got pretty stinky so we added a little bit of air movement to it and that has helped a lot.