Every other Thursday I send an email with things that are currently bringing me joy
because I find that when I focus on joy everything else comes easier.
Audio Welcome!

I drove the kids to Asheville the other day and they chose the music – the way they rock out to music and let me sing along (most of the time) and be fully into the music right along with them is an amazing gift. If you’ve never heard “Raining Tacos” you are really missing out. Here is the playlist from this week – it’s…eclectic.

Listen Here

Living on a Prayer – by far the current favorite on the playlist!

If I can’t do a thing “right” (perfect) I typically don’t do it. At all. This is not a character trait which has served me very well and I’m trying to overcome it. My intention this November was to create a “Gratitude Wall” and have our family write or draw one thing every day they are grateful for. I didn’t do it on the first and thus was ready to scrap the idea and try again next year. Instead I grabbed a few old pieces of kid art and asked Juniper to cut them into notecard size pieces. On Thanksgiving I will strew them on a table with a bunch of markers for anyone interested in participating in writing one thing they are thankful for. One day only – so much easier. Not perfect, but was it really going to be anyway?


Somehow brussel sprouts are the ‘bad guy’ of vegetables. How did this happen? They are delicious. They are a staple in our house through the fall and winter – usually roasted, because that’s easy. But not on Thanksgiving. No, on Thanksgiving they get a place of honor with Smitten Kitchen’s Dijon Braised Brussel Sprout recipe – it’s so tasty I have been thinking about it for weeks. Does not have to be for a holiday – try it anytime!

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