October 27th to 30th

Anti Establishment Retreat Asheville, NC | October 27th to 30th

This October, against the vibrant backdrop of Asheville’s fall palette, we’re gathering for the Anti Establishment Retreat. We’re welcoming voice actors and industry pros to relax, exchange insights, and brainstorm about our industry’s trajectory. No presentations, rehearsed speeches, or panels; we’re about relaxed vibes and fresh perspectives. The goodness comes from the organic flow of the conversations.

Why “Anti-establishment”? Times are changing, and so are we. Let’s innovate, question the norms, and chart our course forward. How can we rally together, lift one another, and craft fulfilling, long-lasting careers?

Here’s the Rundown:

  • Foodies Rejoice!
    • Brunch at Vivian
    • Dinner at Rhubarb
    • Potluck Dinner – Let’s see what culinary magic you bring!
  • Workshop Glimpses:
    • Surprise & Delight Your Clients
    • The Art of Human Connection in an AI-Driven World
    • Cultivating Creativity
    • Solopreneur vs. Freelancer: Navigating Your Path
  • Just for Fun:
    • Dive into lawn games, enjoy the pool, tackle board games, or just unwind in the hot tub.
  • Adventures Await:
    • Five mile hike through the picturesque Dupont State Forest
    • Amble around the River Arts District
    • Dive into the playful chaos of the Surreal Sirkus

Come As You Are: This event is currently invite-only, focusing on camaraderie and positivity. We are here to build deep connections and see what comes. Thinking about a sequel? Stay tuned.

We asked Chat GPT to deliver some synonyms for “anti-establishment” and we liked them!

  • Nonconformist: Someone who refuses to conform to established customs, attitudes, or norms.
  • Rebel: A person who resists or defies authority, control, or tradition.
  • Maverick: An independent-minded individual who goes their own way, often defying conventions.
  • Iconoclast: Someone who challenges or criticizes established beliefs or institutions.
  • Dissenter: A person who expresses disagreement or opposition to an established system or authority.
  • Radical: A person advocating for substantial, often revolutionary, changes to established norms.
  • Unconventional: Not following established customs or practices; original or innovative.
  • Counter-cultural: In opposition to the prevailing cultural norms or values.
  • Nontraditional: Diverging from established or customary practices.